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Let us Support you and help you get back in balance!

Do you want a wellness practitioner who will listen to your concerns?
Do you want to be supported and cared for?
Do you need someone to guide and educate you on how to increase your overall health and well-
Do you want to learn how to advocate for your health?​​   
Your mental state affects your physical health.      
The solution will require you to make a serious decision. 


Meet J. Harrell-Sims, PhD.

A woman who is dedicated to the study and research of natural herbs, communication and mental health. 

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Hello! I'm J Harrell-Sims, Yah's herbalist.
I’m a clinical herbalist , birth doula and life coach
specializing in mental and physical health,
using organic herbal preparations, education, and holistic modalities to support your optimal health and well-being. While I am a PhD and not a medical physician, I work with herbs and nutrition that may
support the digestive, mental health, cardiovascular, immune and respiratory systems. Whether
you need support with a health issue, stress or communicating with your loved ones, I can
provide education, support, and accountability by working in partnership with you for the best

Meet the Team

We believe in empowering the whole person. Our team consists of dedicated holistic health practitioners and mental health professionals who represent the strength and resilience of our community. We also have a great referral network for those who need a little more than we can offer. 

"You have little power over what is not yours"   

                                     Zimbabwean Proverb

It is imperative that we take our mental and physical health into our own hands.
The Most High gave us the ability to heal ourselves
by creating the plants and herbs for our healing.
We can continue to partake of this wonderful creation and be proactive in our wellness journeys.  

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