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GOLD  Membership


Memberships are designed for clients who are looking for aid with any general health issues.

If you are looking for a naturopathic care provider to manage your acute & chronic conditions,

while also addressing the behaviors, diets, and mindsets that are keeping you unhealthy, look no further!

Dr. J is unlike your regular medical doctor.

When you step into her office your health is her utmost priority.  

With a Signature Holistic Health Membership,

you will receive a support system who understands you & your needs. 

In this package you will gain a knowledgable partner to help implement strategies

& manage your health.

This level of membership allows you the following privileges:

  • CBC Analysis

A program that further evaluates your blood tests to get a better picture of your overall health.  This test can detect a vast array of conditions and gives insight into how to attack these issues. This gives us the ability to quantitively measure your health's progression.

  • Access to our back catalogue of quarterly newsletters

Each Quarter Dr. J curates a list of the most need-to-know information in Holistic Wellness. This includes: hot topics in naturopathic medicine, the latest research on herbs and hormones, & information on herbal practices and children.
  • Access to our back catalogue of webinars 

These webinars are an opportunity to hear valuable information from Dr. J and other Holistic Heath Practitioners & other professionals in the field. 

  • 9 Health Strategy Sessions

  • 20% off teas and tinctures (Following initial disbursement)

  • Initial disbursement of Teas & Tincture included

  • Access to health protocol for common colds and Influenza.

Recommended for clients living with:
Anxiety, Diabetes, Depression, Crohn's Disease, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Chronic Pain, or Asthma.
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