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Client testimonies

Testimonials from actual clients.

I'm in good health but I really just needed some guidance

My anxiety has always been through the roof and I always shy away from meeting people. I had her as a professor. She took me under her wings and I learned so much from her. She helped me understand my anxiety and it has really helped. It's under control. I still experience it but not as much and not as intense.

Steven S.

It was time for me to take my life back!

I had many bad decisions throughout my life concerning my lifestyle and body. I knew I needed help. No energy, no focus, good, but terrible for me food. Dr. J was my drill Sargent. She was caring but firm and I needed that. Enjoyed our conversations. Today, I have more energy to enjoy my grandchildren.

Cecil J.

Dr. J guided me in managing severe symptoms

Dr. J Assisted and guided me in managing cold/flu/Covid-19 symptoms. I consider myself more aligned with a holistic and natural method to healing. On 9/6, I started to experience stomach discomfort that progressed to more severe symptoms. Dr. J informed me to keep a log in order to track symptoms and determine progress or decline in health. Dr. J identified a protocol that can assist in the healing process. The protocol made a significant difference. Three days after starting the protocol on 9/9 my energy levels started to increase and symptoms also started to decrease. I would highly recommend anyone that is looking for the natural way or self- healing method to build the immune system to contact Dr. J. The protocol helped to prevent potential hospitalization and worsening of symptoms..

April Z.

She helped me with my Crohn's flare up

I've been dealing with Crohn's Disease for a few years and was introduced to Dr. J's teachings and reached out during the pandemic due to struggling with flare ups and other health an alternative to the hospital and any other procedures. Asked Dr. J if she can recommend any type of natural solution to the pain I was feeling to combat the inflammation. She gave me a health regimen, herbs and proper foods to take. I immediately started noticing a difference. Not only did she save me a trip to the hospital, I was also able to attain remission. I can't thank her enough! I appreciate her wisdom.

Gino H.

I had never considered a holistic practitioner before her

She is not a medical doctor but she should be. I feel comfortable with her. She asked questions my doctor never asked. She explained things to me thoroughly and she always returned my phone calls. I have my energy back and I feel great. She never tried to supersede my doctor's recommendations. She helped me lower my A1C. My doctor was pleased and surprised.

Sadie J.

Migraine Headaches

Migraine sufferer for 20 years. I had many tests ran and my doctor never figured out why. I was told about Dr. Sims. She also had migraines at one time and understood what I was dealing with. She worked with me for four months and to date, I now realize there were triggers and issues that I had to learn and change. Working with both her and my doctor, I have been migraine free for a year.

Trent K.

What an advocate for my mental health!

I have always suffered from anxiety and depression and I was tired of taking medication that made me feel worse. I was introduced to Dr. Sims and what she did for me has made my life much more manageable. She was on me though. But ultimately it was my responsibility to follow through and she let me know that. I feel much better. Thanks Doc!

Olivia T.

The Real Deal

Dr. Sims is very passionate about what she does, but if you are not serious about the work and are playing, she will not fool with you. If you plan on wasting her time it is best you find someone who just wants to take your money. You have to listen, because she listens to YOU. What you tell her she will work with you, but you better be about your business.

Del Telepharoah


I was looking for a therapist to help me with some issues. I couldn't find one that was Afrocentric enough to understand the depth of who I am. I asked around and a brother told me about Dr. Sims. I had been to some of her seminars and talks in the community and she impressed me with how real and unapologetic she was. I made the sacrifice to hire her, and mannnnn..... best decision I could have made. She really opened my eyes and gave me a different way to look at things. She told me if I was willing to do the work, she would guide me, but if I wasn't serious we could stop here. The woman is unapologetic and she knows who she is. But she is empathetic and patient. A real conscious sista.

Mdebe Akosua

African Centered

Dr. J has been a very special empowering force in my life. Her strength and loving guidance has helped me overcome troubling times. Dr. J's African centered coaching technique has been a catalyst that has empowered me to embrace my authentic self, while drawing me closer to the healing powers of my African heritage. Most importantly, Dr. J has been a Goddess force that has helped me in my evolutionary process of developing into the woman I am becoming. Dr. J is a true healer.

J. Marie

African Centered

Dr. Jamille brings the knowledge, experience and cultural competency necessary to engage and address questions and challenges we face daily in a way that helps restore the balance. Do yourself a favor an take advantage of her life coaching experience.

H. Baker

She is a healer

Before I met Dr. Sims, I was on the path to destruction. I was hesitant to talk to her because she reminds me of the auntie you don't play with. But this woman is pure gold. She tells it like it is. She forces you to deal with yourself, teaches you to love yourself and find your purpose. From changing my diet to learning to plan out my life's vision. I am healthier, and have self awareness. I am still a work in progress, but I get it now. She will call you out on your excuses. She reminds me a little of Iyanla Vanzant but more compassionate and easy to talk to. If you can make the commitment to heal yourself, she is the coach for you.

Sherrell P.

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